Mysore is very rich when it comes to the city’s culinary heritage. The traditional veg restaurants in Mysore serve south Indian dishes that will make your taste buds burst with the variety of flavours even today. Indulge in pizzas, burgers, pastas, Subway sandwiches and hearty north Indian fare complete with kebabs and butter chicken have made a foray into the food world of Mysore.


There are dosas and then there are a different version served at Vinayaka Mylari hotel. In fact, this is such an institution that there are many namesakes and wannabes. But head straight for the original in Nazarbad, supposedly over 6 decades old.


Gorging on mutton pulao, for breakfast is not everybody’s cup of tea, but that’s till you have tasted the dish at the iconic Hanumanthu Mess (also referred to as hotel) in Mandi Mohalla one of Mysore’s endearing neighborhoods.


It goes by the unfussy and rather strange name of Brahmin Soda Factory and has been around for more than eight decades. Nondescript and a bit difficult to find you’ll look for the name board but the establishment is way too popular among the crowd and hence easy to spot on Old Bank Road.

These are some if the places that you should not miss at Mysore. As it is more of a cultural city Mysore does not really have a night life like the other cities in India. You will definitely find a lot of traditional food and beverages in Mysore.