An old picture of a landscape in Kenya

It is known that human history in Kenya and Tanzania date back to millions of years, but these regions grew mainly after the 18 th century.

The Maasai moved to Central Kenya in the mid-18 th century from an area north of
Lake Rudolf. They didn’t move south to Tanzania due to the settlement of the Hehe tribe. However, outbreaks of
various diseases like smallpox and pleuropneumonia caused them to migrate from here.

During the 19 th century there existed relations between southern Arabia and what is now called the Kenyan-Tanzanian coastline. The Arab traders brought along with them the language of Swahili, which was adopted by the Africans.

Eventually, during 1895 the British took over parts of Africa, including Kenya and Tanzania. They set up the East African Protectorate. Post the second world war, the Africans gained independence from the British. (Tanzania in 1961 and Kenya in 1963).