The founders of Bluefoot Culture Tours and One World Cultural Consulting, bring you CultureRings, an advanced tool, and guide, to help you plan your travel to make it most fulfilling and educative.

It is our philosophy that tales of a land are best told by the people. Hence, we treat people as windows that give you a view into the soul of any destination. Our network of people who act as enablers of your travel experiences, we call them our Culture Ambassadors. Some of these Culture Ambassadors are individuals. Some are established culture tour companies. Whichever way, we bring you the ones that operate their businesses straight from the heart; who have a passion for culture and take pride in unveiling their lands to you.

We’ve been doing this for nearly a decade. So if you’re a keen explorer of culture and lifestyle during your travels, curious to sneak beneath the surface of a landscape, and go beyond the luxury of a hotel or business space, CultureRings is the right place to get started with your planning.


Our mission is to ensure no traveler or relocating expat feels like an outsider looking in, distanced and untouched by the multihued diversity that makes each land and its culture distinct