Ajrak, the art of blockprinting, a tradition originating in Gujarat

Being one of the oldest states in India, Gujarat represents the Indian Culture at its best. The art of Gujarat, being unique to this state, is not only popular within the country, but globally. This state offers a wide variety of jewellery, metal work, embroidery etc and also boasts of having the country’s largest brass industry.

The state has also contributed many ragas (tunes) to Indian Classical Music. Their two major dance forms, Garba and Raas, is practiced to this very day, especially during the festival of Navaratri.

The Hiralakshmi Craft Park and Museum Quality Textiles in Bhuj, are some of the most famous art galleries here. The Auto World Vintage Car Museum in Ahmedabad is among the few of its type and is sure to not disappoint. The Rotary Doll Museum is also a must visit.