Traditional embroidery work in

Apart from the beautiful landscapes in the Kashmiri Valley, Kashmir is also known for its ‘Indie’ art and craft which is inspired by the valley itself.

The place is known for its thick pashmina shawls, carpets, handicrafts and woodwork. The fine workmanship in the crafts and the Kashmiri eye for detail is what makes the Kashmiri art and craft stand out.

The increase in tourism in this region has also led to a boom in the art and craft industry, giving it recognition worldwide. There are several stores one can shop from. Many places in Pehelgam and Srinagar are hubs for shopaholics. The J&K art and craft emporium opposite Dal Lake is one of the many places one can find quality Kashmiri art and crafts.

However, since Kashmir is a conflict zone, people are shy to establish business or invest in the future of business in Kashmir. The crafts people are hopeful that this will change.