Mysore is known as the cultural capital of Karnataka with most of its work influenced by the Wodeyars. They are also known as the patrons of art, a big example of this is the Mysore painting style that is taught in the Vijayanagar school of painting. These paintings consist of organic pigments and gold foils in tonal gradations, the gold foils us ed for deft embellishments, and the gesso embossing that stamped them as the traditional art of Mysore, these elements together make up the old art form innate to Mysore the state is best known for its thriving industry of silk. Silk weaving that began in 1912, when Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV, who ruled the princely state of Mysore, imported looms to weave customized silk for the royal family. Today, Mysore silks are famous the world over and popular for their rich vibrant colours, luxurious feel and stunning gold borders. Mysore Peta, the traditional turban worn by the erstwhile rulers of Mysore, is worn by men in some traditional ceremonies.