Bamboo & cane craftwork

Northeast India has produced a rich variety of handlooms and handicrafts. It is the means of livelihood for some of the families here.

The craft from this region is exported to different places in India and worldwide. Bamboo craft, woodwork, terracotta work and pottery are the best sellers apart from handloom. The handloom from this region is known for its unique patterns and fine print. The craftsmen from this region display incredible finesse through their work.

Establishments by the respective state governments for the sale of arts and crafts can be found in many places. This is done to promote the regional craft.

Sikkim is known best for its woodwork, carpet weaving and Thankgka paintings. Accessory making and bead work is said to be the best in Arunachal Pradesh. Mizoram has a very unique bamboo and woodwork. Nagaland is the best known for Metal work. They make jewellery from different types of metal. Tripura is best known for its handloom industry. The Assamese are excellent potters.