The famous Meenakari Jewellery

Rajasthan is known for its rich culture and heritage. The forts, palaces, havelis and tombs display a blend of different architectural styles. The handicraft industry has made its mark with the use of bright colours and bold designs.

The handicraft industry uses various different materials like terracotta, ivory, marble, slate and granite for its sculptures. The jewellery from Rajasthan exhibits unique Meenakari designs. The garments made here show a different tie and dye style, more commonly known as bandhani. One can also find block print being widely used.

The music from this region is very raw and resembles the famous Ghazal type of music. The lyrics of the songs depict the daily routines and love stories of the Rajasthani’s.

Ghoomar, Gair, Chari and Kacchi Ghodi are the traditional dances of this region. Ghoomar is the most widely practised and well known.