Mysore, a significant city of Karnataka, is home to an array of people and is nestled 145 kilometres away from the capital city Bengaluru. With an estimated population of 1,014,227, the culture in Mysore is a mix of people from diverse religions such as Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. Mysore city has numerous names such as, ‘City of Palaces’, the ‘Garden city’, the ‘Ivory City’ and ‘City of Yoga’ and is also known as the ‘cultural capital of Karnataka’.

Mysore has been the capital city of the Wadiyar’s who ruled Mysore. The Wadiyar’s are incredible patrons of cultural aspects of Mysore and their impact that they have can be seen in their crafts and arts to this day. Mysore unquestionably gets hold of the hearts and minds of the people who have visited this captivating destination not only because of the culture but also because of its arts and craft.

Mysore city is a mixture between both a developing version of a perfect modern city and a blissful relaxing place. Mysore is home to many beautiful architectural structures which never fails to take a tourist’s breath away. A few captivating structures are the Mysore Palace, Chamundeshwari temple and St. Philomenas church.