This training suite is a customizable workshop program that helps local personnel of companies develops a global mindset. It brings them to an opportunity to widen their horizons and adaptabilities of culturally diverse scenarios at work and beyond. With an emphasis on global etiquette and work culture, but also touching upon important areas of personal globalization like travel, conversations, problem-solving, dining etc.




This uniquely designed training suite addresses the needs of multinational companies that would like to integrate their employees better and create a greater awareness of the native culture of the company. With an interactive approach, our talk-show format has an amazing effect on co-workers, who gain an insight and appreciation into the company’s native culture through conversations with a native of that culture. We cover a variety of topics including history, work culture, day-to-day life, conversations and small talk, dining etiquette, core values, national pride, entertainment, problem solving and essential social skills.




Do your employees soft skills contribute to the success of your organization? Do they have the common sense, people skills and attitude that positively impacts their interactions with co-workers, partners and clients? Stanford Research Institute and the Carnegie Mellon Foundation conducted studies among Fortune 500 CEOs to learn that 75% of long term job success resulted from soft skills and only 25% from technical skills (Sinha, 2008).

The Soft Skills training programs offered by us are modular and customizable, and have continually proven to enhance overall employee confidence and efficiency. We cover the areas of:

At our basic level, our trainers offer to cover the areas of Manners, Courtesy, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Adaptability, Interpersonal Skills, Attitude alignment, Professionalism, Team Work, Ethics, Dining Etiquette, Dress & Grooming (to name a few). At a deeper level, we also bring in trainers that help develop techniques for better mental and emotional caliber, through Meditation and Mindfulness.




We incorporate creativity into our Team Building exercises, giving you a range of choices for your team to indulge in, including art, sculpture, cooking, dancing, and yoga. Along with being refreshingly fun, our team building session help enhance productivity, focus, and alignment to goals.There is scientific evidence that the right kind of team building exercises can result in measurably higher effectiveness.

Our team building exercises bring you the following results:

• Expose and address interpersonal problems within the group and enhance mutual trust

• Improve performance in a team-based environment

• Clarify roles and personal acceptance of ownership among members

• Bring in a problem solving approach and highlight the magic of cooperation

• Develop a sense of humour and break the ice within teams with rigid structures

• Creates a result based outlook and enhances productivity




Various international laws and organisations have pushed Corporate Self Regulation (or Corporate Social Responsibility) to go beyond being just initiatives, but to become mandatory schemes.The Ministry of Corporate Affairs of India introduced the Enactment of Companies Act, 2013, one of the world’s largest experiments of imposing the mandatory obligation on Companies to take up CSR work.We help companies identify the right organisations to engage with and also help create plans for the company to create awareness of CSR undertakings among employees, and increase employee engagement and participation.

We work with you to identify areas that match with your organization’s passions and core values (women, children, destitute, sickness etc), and initiative types (empowerment, education, charity etc). Once the right mapping is done, we create programs working closely with you and support you throughout the rollout process as liaison officers working between you and the supported organization.


proVISION ASIA is dedicated to empowering differently-abled abled individuals to independent and fulfilling lives; extending a hand up– not a hand out; inspiring hope by providing an environment that fosters transformation; enabling people affected by disability to experience abundant life– to reach their highest potential.

The organization encourages volunteers who may be experienced or have a background in in the areas of Physiotherapy, Counselling, Leadership / Motivation, Accounting / Finance, Vocational Training, Teaching.


ANU is a project that aims to improve the lifestyle of a group of families in the slums at Janakiram Layout in Bangalore. ANU wants to establish a sustainable and profitable centre for and by the women of this area. At ANU the women obtain skills through which they will be able to earn an additional income. They manufacture handmade products out of recycled tetra packs and cement bags. The ANU centre also gives these women access to better health care, education and financial advice.

The organization encourages volunteers who may be experienced or have a background in in the areas of Design, Counselling, Leadership / Motivation, Accounting / Book-keeping / Finance, Vocational Training, Teaching.


Joy@Work is a women’s enterprise in Bangalore that upcycles tetrapaks, scrap fabric and cement sacks into trendy lifestyle accessories.

The Founder, Devika Krishnan, takes pride in the truly sustainable character of Joy at Work. They deal with only solid waste that fetches very low value in the market. She explains, “Old clothes, fabric scraps, shoes and packaging material — there’s no value, unlike water bottles and rubber tyres, which do fetch a good rate.” While other manufacturers upcycle milk cartons by shredding them, compressing and mixing them with epoxy resin to make roof tiles and furniture, Krishnan points out these end products will not degenerate. “A product is recyclable but only if it is recycled,” she says.

The organization encourages volunteers who may be experienced or have a background in in the areas of Design, Book-keeping, Marketing, Social Media, Journalism.




We enable your study of the Indian business landscape through our custom tailored, close up, experiential field excursions. Whether you’re looking at India as the venue for setting up your new business, or a BPO or branch; whether you’re considering India as a market for your product or service, or wanting to explore trends, policies and habits of people. We create programs for you to visit the right environments or facilities, and have conversations with the right people.