Home Dining Experience

Dining with Kashmiri’s

There are no better conversations than around a dining table. Here, you join a local family as they bring out their aromatic food and dine together.

A great way to discover food, lifestyle and culture, and learn about the lives of the local people.




Cookout with a Kashmiri:

Take this unique opportunity to join a Kashmiri family in their home, not just for dining with them, but also cooking. You involve in the preparations that are sometimes simple, and sometimes complex rituals. During the course of cooking together you discover their lives, their homes and their culture. And what’s more, you take home recipes for a lifetime of delicious dining! Some of the amazing food you might learn to cook includes Kashmiri Pilaf, Rogan Josh, Tabak Maaz, Mutton Yakhni, Haak Saag, and Rista.




Kahwa Experience

Kashmiri Kahwa Tea

Kashmiri Kahwa chai, which the locals start with drinking as a morning ritual, is infused with warm, aromatic spices, which makes a perfect start to cold mornings in the mountain valley. Kahwa tea is known for its numerous health benefits. From burning fat to stress busting, from curing a common cold to boosting your immunity. In this tea blending experience, you get to visit a local home, learn to make their magical, therapeutic tea, and sip away with the locals as you discover their lives.