Traditional meal in Kashmir

Berries and nuts are popular garnishes, adding sweetness and warmth into the cuisine of the Kashmir valley. Mutton is a popular dish on the table (Traditional dishes like Yakhni and Roghan Josh are mutton-based delights), but vegetarian food too comes in a good variety. Rice, roti and yogurt most often accompany mains.

Kashmiri street food is delicious. But sensitive stomachs, as always, must watch out.

Some of the prominent eating joints are Sunset Boulevard (on the way to Shalimar Bagh) which is known for its Roghan Josh. Another popular restaurant is Lahsa (at the Dal Lake Promenade).

Keep your heart and body warm by drinking the spiced Kahwa, or the Kashmiri Gulabi (pink) Chai. These are so heart-warming that you will be looking for a ready-mix to take home!