Bangalore is a Foodie, Drinker and Shopper’s Paradise
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Local traditional Bangalorean mornings usually start with a very standard South Indian breakfast consisting of idlis, vadas, dosas accompanies with different chutneys and sambar, wrapped up with a cup of filter coffee to give you the caffeine you need to kickstart the day. However, there are also the more western palates that demand bacon and eggs or pancakes and toast, based on what you would like.

The traditional South Indian lunch on a banana leaf is a must have and can be found in various restaurants like Nagarjuna, Meghana foods, Nandhana etc.

Known as the pub hub of India, sober nights are a myth. From the biggest brewery in the country, Byg brewsky, to wine tastings, to cocktails to get you through the night or a peaceful scotch on the rocks, accompanied by the best finger food to keep it light, this city is sure to make sure you are not disappointed.

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