Gujarat is a state that is a complete contrast when compared to places like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other metropolitans. It is a slow-paced state which is far less progressive and
is rooted to its orthodox traditions.

One must keep in mind that this is a dry state and must not carry any form of alcohol or liquor to avoid the heavy fines levied if caught.

Although non-veg food is available in every region, vegetarian cuisine is far more abundantly offered.


A standard suitcase is sufficient. Some parts of Gujarat are arid and dry while other parts are humid. Some have strong variations between day and night temperatures. The winter temperatures range between 29 o  C to 19 o C and the Summer temperatures from 49 o C to 30 o C. This region experiences rainfall between the months of June and October. Depending on which region within Gujarat you plan to travel to, it is advisable to look up the weather for humidity, temperature and sunlight.

Comfortable attire people can wear during their visit to Gujarat

List of clothes, shoes, accessories to carry:

• General: Comfortable, thin cotton clothes

• Jacket / sweater

• Umbrella (for sun or rain)

• Temple dressing (for days when visiting temples): Full sleeves and full-length pants
or skirt (till ankles)

• Scarf

• Sunglasses

• Hat

Most cosmetics and toiletries are easily available to buy. However, it would be good to have
a start-up kit including some of these essentials:

• Moisturiser

• Sun cream

• Mosquito repellent

• Sanitiser

• Toilet paper

• Wet wipes

• Medication*

*Keep in mind to pack all prescribed medication in ample quantities as the same may not be easily available. However, basic medication is easily available at all pharmacies. Carrying items such as mosquito repellent and hand sanitizer will be of use during tours.

Considering the orthodox mindset of the people, one might want to refrain from wearing outfits that are revealing. Modest clothing covering the shoulders and knees and necklines no deeper than 6 inches is preferred.