An Image of The Musical pillars in Hampi


The program offered by us is specifically designed to give an introductory overview of Hampi to the first timer. The ancient cityspread across two sides of a river, with temples, ruins and can be confusing if the tour is not planned well. The sample program below covers many of the important touch points for a first timer. However, if one is more inclined towards a certain subject,the tour can be tailored to suit their interests since these tours are all custom designed anyway

Sample Program:

Day 1: 

• Arrive in Hampi and check into the hotel

• Rest and relax in the hotel OR visit the Tungabhadra dam which is a popular local picnic spot.

Day 2:

• Visit the Vittala Temple with its iconic stone chariot and musical pillars with intricate carvings.

• Visit the Virupaksha Temple from 7th century in India.

• Visit the ruins of the medieval seat of the King of the Vijayanagara empire, Hampiwhich is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site

• Visit the riverside ruins and the Hampi Bazaar

• Take a walk through an area speckled with shrines, carvings, ruins, statues and other ancient structures

• Have lunch with the royal family of Hampi and visit a nearbylivelihood and crafts project set in a local village

• Close tour and back to hotel for dinner

Day 3:

• Visit a fortified Royal Enclosure known which offered a viewpoint of the parade, and also contained aquatic structures and underground temples.

• Drive to the base of Hemakunta hill and climb about 15 minutes to arrive at the hill top. This makes a beautiful venue from which one can watch the sunset.

• Visit Kadalekalu Ganesha -a giant statue 14 feet tall sculpture that wascarved in situ.

• Visit a Krishnatemple dedicated to lord Krishna.

• Have lunch with a local family in Hampi and visit their neighborhood

• Visit the iconicLakshmi Narasimhatemple, which is amonolithic statue of lion-human Avatar of Vishnu.

• Visit the “Queen’s Bath,” an indoor aquatic pool set in a verandah with balconies on all flanks.

• Dinner at hotel and depart by train, or overnight before catching a flight out