An old image of the city of Udaipur

Parts of Rajasthan were a part of the Vedic and Harappan civilisation. Kalibangan was an important province during the Harappan times. Jaipur corresponds to the Matsya kingdom during the Vedic ages. The present-day districts of Jhunjum and Sikar which are along the Haryana border were also a part of the same era.

Rajput clans emerged in this region around 700AD. It was a part of the Gupta, Mauryan and Chalukya empires.

Rajasthan was politically divided until the rule of Akbar, the greatest Mughal emperor. After the decline of the Mughal Empire in 1707, the state began to disintegrate again. The state was finally reformed and defined on 30 th March 1949 after the Indian War of Independence with Jaipur as its capital.