Bean-town to Silicon Valley

The earliest references to Bangalore may have come from the rather esoteric term bendakaluru, meaning ‘boiled beans’, or an old stone inscription in ancient Kannada mentioning ‘bengaval-uru’, which translates into ‘City of Guards’. Once a dense forest with cool weather, myriad lakes, diverse fauna and flora, and a hunting-ground for kings and noblemen, bendakaluru has had a history that is part gentle folklore and part bloody war chronicles dating back to the Chola period in the 10th century AD. For the benefit of history buffs, here is a quick peek.

The Cholas

The Hoysalas at Belur

Vijayanagara Empire

The Kingdom of Mysore

Kempe Gowda

The Marathas

The Mughals

Wadiyar Dynasty

Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan