In the year 2013, a survey conducted by Right Management threw light on the fact that more than 42% of international assignments fail or are terminated early. Most often, this is because the expat family is unhappy in their new, alien environment, where everything is so far from the way they are used to having it. The impact of Culture Shock cannot be overemphasized.

While the employed partner may be able to motion through with more ease, thanks to the corporate support system, for their trailing families the shock is far greater. Whether it is the pain of leaving behind their homes, their friends and loved ones and their familiar systems, or the feeling of isolation, the move unavoidably creates frustrations and tensions impacting every aspect of their lives.

Awareness of the stages of culture shock, and preparation for what they are about to go through intercultural training and coaching help minimize impact and even turn their stay into a positive life experience. We work with corporates to support their expats through our professional Orientation, Adaptation, Counselling and Coaching service offerings.




Whether you relocating expats are undecided about where exactly in Bangalore they would like to live, or if they’ve already chosen their neighbourhood, our Practical Orientation service complements the relocation company’s agenda by working closely with the family to identify their needs and habits, to introduce them to shops, spas, salons, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, etc. to make equip them for their new neighbourhoods and new lifestyles.




Our family adaptations are immersive experiences, a combination of presentations, conversations and experiential learning. Through well-researched presentations, we offer expats deep insights into aspects of Indian history and culture that helps them understand and make sense of their experiences to come. We keep the sessions interactive so that the expats can ask questions along the way and we can cater to their interests in specific.

Besides the classroom sessions, we also include fun, experiential sessions that take them out into the real world. For example, we may take them for a meal where they try eating with their fingers off a banana leaf or try draping a sari for the first time or witness the art of block printing on fabric. Getting out after a session of theory in a classroom has a strong value, helping the expats empathize, appreciate and apply their knowledge to reality.




Individuals or families thrown into an all new culture often experience a feeling of disorientation. The unfamiliar way of life, or set of attitudes, cultural values and mechanisms pile up and can often land one on a negative rung, unable to step up. Our counseling sessions are delivered by qualified Cross Culture Specialists and Psychologists, and help expats identify their problems and worries, and work on creating a positive outlook.

We also help them set personal goals for themselves. We conduct common sessions for families or expat groups, as well as private one on one counseling, and may be conducted as when a person is going through culture shock, or as a precautionary measure to avoid its onset. The most important infusions we whip up and encourage is a sense of humour.




For many expat families who like routines, our monthly coaching sessions are offered on a monthly basis, so that periodical short-term goals can be set, progress can be measured, and the big picture can be viewed from various perspectives with the advancement in adaptation and passage of time, helping track and develop further on a positive outlook, set goals for themselves at a personal level, and get the most out of their expat lives in India on an ongoing basis.

Our long-term support packages nip troubles and worries in the bud, offer solutions to newly found problems, and guard against the snowballing effect of culture shock.