Hema Malini Devi, Curator of Mysore Experiences

Culture Rings Mysore Experiences have been curated by Hema Malini Devi, the niece of the late Maharaja of Mysore, HH Srikantadutta Narasimharaja Wodeyar. Born into a royal home, Hema’s first-hand knowledge of the state’s history and culture, and her proximity to everything she shows her visiting guests, is amazing. In Hema’s words:

“Mysore is a fairy tale city dotted with so many palaces and royal monuments, and also with folklore and legends: like the Chamundi hill that celebrates the victory of good over evil, the city of Mysore itself which is named after the demon Mahishasura that once terrorized it, mysterious stories of blessings and curses, magical sunrises, sunsets.

What’s heart-warming and hard to miss in Mysore is the reverence its citizens have for this once capital city. The people are proud to show you the beautiful planning of every township within the city, people are aware of great details of history, unlike people of many other cities that prefer to let bygones be bygones. There is a cleanliness to the streets and maintenance of its historical monuments, and preservation of heritage like of Yoga.

I feel fulfilled while planning these tours for visitors since it helps me do my bit in preserving the stories for the next generation. And also to bring awareness to people about the rich culture of Mysore!”