The people of Mysore are known as Mysoreans in English and Mysoorinavaru in Kannada, the regional language. Mysore is the third most populated city in the state of Karnataka. A significant majority of the residents are Hindus, with people from Islam and Christianity being in the minority of the population. The most commonly used languages by the people of Mysore include Kannada and English. Tamil and Hindi are the two other popular languages in Mysore. Most of the local people still lead a traditional lifestyle, which is simple and religious. They religiously follow the age-old customs and rituals. But with the gradual changes in the economic activities the culture of Mysore is also changing recently. Mysore has nurtured many famous personalities, the most prominent among them being R.K. Narayan. Many of the characters penned by this famous novelist, are said to have been based on the real-life Mysoreans. A large number of people depend on the tourism industry for their livelihood. Mysoreans also contribute to the textile industry in the form of ‘Mysore Silk’, made from specially-bred silkworm farms around the city. The people of this historical city follow a mixture of traditional and western type of dressing style. The people of Mysore are extremely hospitable and jovial. It is because of their nature that the place is considered to be one of the most welcoming urban regions of India..