The tribals of the North East Region

The NER is not very densely populated making this a perfect destination for those who want to get away from the city life. With an approximate population of 45,588,000 people spreading over 8 states, this region accounts for 3.77% of the country’s population. Every state has its own dialect which also differs from tribe to tribe. As many as 20 languages are spoken here. However, most people are fluent in Hindi, and a fair share of people also speak English.

The people of North east India are known to be very warm and friendly but are however very reserved people. The NER has people from various different tribes. Each tribe has its own cultural norms and beliefs.

However, when looked at collectively, they all seem very similar, despite how different they seem to the locals. These beliefs are evidently very deep-rooted in the people from this region. This is one of the few places where one can find traditional tribes.