Bangalore- The fastest growing city in India. And home to a vibrant cultural and, entrepreneurial vibe that is evident across the old markets, the twisting alleyways, the bustling main streets and gleaming malls. Kannada film industry (affectionately called Sandalwood) thrives here and so multiple brewpubs, coffee houses ( this is the home of Café Coffee Day after all ) and an eclectic mix of old British colonial clubs , hi-tech hubs like electronic city plus a multitude of trendy bars, gastropubs a few cozy family run restaurants like Koshys that keep the old familiar pace alive.

Bangaloreans are by and large a friendly lot. Currently rather overwhelmed by the unprecedented influx of people from other parts, the ‘Old Bangalorean’ can still be spotted in the fascinating framework of this burgeoning city. Look for them among the pleasant merchants of KR market, who rarely hustle visitors, the hard working Dhobis ( washermen and women) who relentlessly toil away at their granite stone stations, the crafty tradesmen of Shivajinagar who can procure anything from rare car parts to antique ceramic doorknobs even if the source is rather dubious. Then among the dwindling Anglo Indian population, known for their unique joie de vivre, the reserved old Kannadiga families in the bylanes of Malleshwaram and Jayanagar, and the savvy shopkeepers of Commercial street. Then you have the newbies. Not for nothing has Bangalore earned the moniker of Silicon Valley with its proliferation of IT engineers, startup geeks, and successful CEO’s who have made their mark on the global economy with companies like Biocon, Infosys and Wipro,( not to forget the now infamous Vijay Mallya and Kingfisher beer) to name just a few.

But Bangaloreans are not limited to techies and brewmasters. Apart from a long line of distinguished scientists like CV Raman, mathematical genius Shakuntala Devi, cartoonists like B.V Ramamurthy, and architects like musicians like T. Chowdiah (after whom Chowdiah hall is named) Bangaloreans can also boast of wonderful musicians, artists, and designers. From rocking Biddu Appaiah with his special brand of music to Prasad Bidappa who helped make Bangalore the fashion capital of the South as did the likes of Deepika Padukone and Lara Dutta, with their glam factor. So whether its IISC ( Indian Institute of Science ), IIMB( Indian Institute of Management ,Bangalore) Shrishti , Chitrakala Parikshat and music schools Like the Bangalore School of Music run by the late Aruna Sundarlal , turning out achievers and shaping mindsets, Bangalore has always been a welcoming, open-minded friendly place where old-fashioned good manners were very important. And money was treated as a necessary evil to be spent judiciously not flashed and flaunted. But having said that, Bangaloreans are also adroitly shaking off old cautious spending habits, and willing to give the local economy a good kickstart.