A breath-taking view in Kashmir

Since Kashmir is constantly a venue of conflict and is subjected conflict management measures, there is a strong, and visually intimidating presence of the military. This is unsettling to a visitor. However, the military’s presence is meant to reinforce peace, and they are there to help. Also, tourists have never been the target for any of the violence, and violence does not normally break out unexpectedly without forewarning. People are informed well in advance before protests are organised, or curfews are imposed.

The airport help desk as well as most hotels are helpful in informing their guests about any upcoming trouble and navigating around the programs is normally not a big ordeal. Most foreign embassies warn travellers to India to avoid Kashmir. We, however, believe Kashmir is no more dangerous than crossing a road in New Delhi.


Considering the high altitude of the state, warm clothes are a necessity. Carry an umbrella to be on the safer side, in case of rain or snowfall. Boots or trekking shoes are recommended if one is interested in trekking. Gloves and mufflers or a scarf is preferred for the colder months (October- February).

Carry all anti allergic and any other medication that is prescribed for you. Basic medication is available in Srinagar and other places, but you may not find the brand you are looking for.