Devika Krishnan, who works closely to enable women’s livelihood in Varanasi’s craft community

Our Varanasi experiences are curated by Devika Krishnan and Darshika Kumari.

Devika has been working to empower craft communities across India as a skills trainer, mentor and advisor in the in the “livelihood” sector since 1993. She has been working with the weaving community in Varanasi to make it inclusive of women.

Darshika Kumari, from the Royal Family of Varanasi, who grew up there and has deep knowledge of the culture and history.

Darshika hails from the royal family of Varanasi. She spent her childhood there in a joint family before she moved out to pursue higher education, and now lives in Bangalore.

Taking into account Culture Rings’ passion for people, culture and craft, Devika and Darshika have created delicate combinations weaving these three into every tour offered by us.